My name is Daniel. I’m in my twenties and I am an introvert. It was about two years ago that I discovered this fact. I was reading an article, 10 Myths About Introverts, when I thought to myself, “this is me.” It was such an amazing feeling to discover that there was nothing wrong with me, I am simply wired a little differently. It was a relief to finally accept myself for who I am rather than feel like I was missing out because I didn’t socialize. I’m an introvert.

After that I became confident in myself. I now had a defense to my high school feelings of inadequacy, that there was something wrong with me because social gatherings were a nightmare. Why can’t I make friends? Why can’t I just relax and enjoy meeting new people? Why can’t I strike up a conversation with someone I just met? What is wrong with me? I’m an introvert! And there is nothing wrong with that.

I can’t make friends because I hate small talk. I can’t enjoy meeting new people because forced social interactions are draining. I can’t strike up a random conversation because I have nothing to say. I’m an introvert!!

Now I know that I need to prepare myself if I go to the club. I know that I am not going to be able to talk to some random person about the stupid weather. I can finally accept that I am not that kind of a person and I can stop trying to be. I can be comfortable being that “weirdo” sitting by himself on his phone while everyone else is mingling. I love the fact that would rather sit at home with a few people rather than go to a bar. I love being an introvert! I love getting so absorbed in a book I forget where I am. I love being by myself in a crowed room and not caring anymore. Not making excuses.

Which is why I am writing about this. I want to celebrate my introversion. I want people to be as happy as I am being who they are. I also want to help people understand life through the perspective of an introvert. I want the extroverts of the world to understand why their friend does not want to go to that party; to understand that just because they are pensive does not mean they are upset; to realize that they need to have a fun night in once in awhile.

So I invite you to throw away your misconceptions. To get past your misunderstandings. To be happy with yourself.

I invite you to join me on this journey, to see the world through introverted eyes.